Back in Black

20110222-Interior-TedBlackSmiling thru the pain

Ted Black has his weekly radio show were he answers calls from morons on Thursday. But Fracking Sabres has him on Tuesday to answer questions from this Moron.

FS: Ted, I bet the firing of Lindy was tough? What prompted it?

Ted: Well, the team seemed to regress against Winnipeg and seemed like the correct action to save the season.

FS: Wait, this season can be saved?

Ted: We believe we have the talent to win games and compete in this league. The season is still young.

FS: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You’re funny Ted.

Ted: I wasn’t joking, that is the belief in the building.

FS: The season is almost half over and you are basically dead last, can’t play defense, don’t score and the new Coach thinks the team is lazy. And Ville Leino called them out. VILLE LEINO. He’s pretty much stealing money from you.

Ted: Fine! We’re a tire fire. Lindy Ruff quit weeks ago, but Terry chained him to the zamboni, why do you think he looked like he was being held hostage, because he was. Darcy is locked in his office, seeing what he can get for Nathan Gerbe.

FS: What can you get for a Nathan Gerbe?

Ted: The Wild has offered a Sega Genesis.

FS: I’m guessing Terry isn’t too pleased.

Ted: He replaced the coffee with Fracking Fluid. Jordan Leopold didn’t notice and drank a whole cup. His liver melted. That’s why he’s out. They lose both games in Florida, he’s leaving them in Cuba.

FS: Woah, well at least he got the HarborCenter Tax breaks, that’s a plus.

Ted: If he didn’t was going to drill the Webster block.

FS: But Fracking is illegal in NYS?

Ted: Terry don’t care, he’ll pay the fines. He slapped Bettman during the Lockout. He’s crazy when things don’t go his own way.

FS: Wow, my readers are getting a lot of information from you today.

Ted: Wait, this is all off record right, none of this can go public. Terry will…

(hits Publish)

FS: Thanks Ted for coming on again, for Back in Black, I hope to speak to you next week after the Florida Road Trip.



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