Hoarders:Sabres Edition

sabres-320-isles-2-23You can keep this guy

We all wanted Lindy Ruff fired, it was time, it was obvious. But we didn’t think it would happen. Why? Because Pegula wasn’t going to fire him, he loved him, we all thought. He wouldn’t axe him in season. Wouldn’t happen. Never. Then it happened. Shocking us, players and media. Leaving Ron Rolston  in charge for the rest of the year.

It became obvious to me, this is it for the Ruff and Regier era, unless a magical turnaround happens, Darcy will be relieved at years end. Rolston will be probably returned to Rochester. And we’ll have a whole new team for the 13-14 season. Its been 16 years, so that means R&R have collected a lot of crap. The Presidents Trophy is buried underneath yellow Pom Poms.

Right now the Sabres are a sports version of Hoarders. Filled with junk, that Darcy couldn’t or didn’t want to get rid of. Sure there is some valuable stuff, underneath the piles of so called 2 way forwards. But he won’t get rid of those, because they may need them one day. Outside help is needed to really clean things up and finally make it look nice again. It will take a lot of hard work to clean all the crap out of FNC. Trading a Roy for an Ott, really didn’t make a dent in the garbage pile.

The team needs an outside eye, someone with zero attachment to the players, to really shake this organization up. A full house cleaning. Who is that person? I have zero clue, but I’m sure interest would be high at the position. Since you really don’t have to worry about a head coach. Rolston has a landing spot. You can bring in your own team.

You know the best part of a total house cleaning, the writers at the Buffalo News, wouldn’t know what to do, they have created these boogymen and they would be stuck at square 1. Can’t go after Pegula, because he did what everyone wanted. And you have lost your main targets of attack, Ruff and Regier. It would create an interesting off season for sure. All there pre written stories would go right into the Recycling bin.

But you can’t just get rid of Ruff and Regier, this team needs a major overhaul. If things stay the same, they would be in line for a  top 5 pick, which would add to the already nice talent pipeline in store. I have found the minor differences since Ruff got fired interesting. You have Rolston, slamming the team, when he walked in. Then you had Ville Leino, VILLE LEINO, slamming them in public.  When have you seen that from a current member on the roster?

The worst thing that could have happened this year, was another year of barely making the playoffs and getting bounced in Round 1. That’s cleaning out 1 room, to only stock it with junk a year later. This team is incapable of winning a Cup, with the current makeup. Usually when you fire a coach, things pick up. Nope not here, they have gone back to old ways, and there’s shit up and down the stairs.

This team has hoarded borderline 2 way players, inconsistent scorers and mentally soft players for too long. Time to get the dumpsters, brooms and vacuums out, because its time to get rid of this junk. Hey what about this Nathan Gerbe! No, get rid of it. But this Drew Stafford, could be worth something. OUT!!!!

I’m excited to see how things go, not for the product on the ice, but the next few months. This house needs to be cleaned up, because its on the verge of being condemned.


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