What me Worry?

Don't Worry I got this

I see all the time this worry about the Sabres being over the Salary cap.  We worry about this now? Last year we wouldn’t dream the Sabres would ever be millions over the Salary Cap. You would have been laughed at if you suggested that could happen. Looking at Capgeek.com the Sabres are 3.5 million dollars over the cap with 23 players signed and Marc Andre Gragnani left to sign. So they could possibly be 4.3 million dollars over, when things are all done.

Oh no we’re Screwed, we’re going to have to trade someone good. HOPE IS LOST!

Not so fast, worrisome Sabre fan. We have Darcy Regier.

He knows what he is doing, there is a plan here. He didn’t handle the Enroth contract. That is totally beneath him. Backup goalie? Please. Darcy’s too busy laughing at the Leafs contract with Tim Connolly. I hear Lindy is handling the Gragnani deal, because Darcy is too busy prepping for a garage sale. Old Grosek jerseys for 5 bucks a pop!

I have no worries the Sabres will get under the cap and be fine through out the year. Without sacrificing anything that would hurt their chances at a cup. Darcy has already circumvented the Cap this offseason. He can also massage the numbers to go his way. By dumping salary in Rochester. Tricking a GM to take Shaone Morrisonn off his hands.  I’m sure the Jets need an 6th defenseman.

So Sabre fans stop worrying and just get excited for the season. The defense is stacked, which makes Miller better, which will make the offense better since they don’t have the pressure to score more.

The cap is just a number and numbers can be manipulated.  And Darcy is a master manipulator.



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