Back in Black

Hey everyone welcome to my new segment Back in Black.  With one of the most popular men in town,  Ted Black. He’ll be here to answer my questions and any issues I see fit. I put this idea in the Suggestion box, so Ted does everything in the Suggestion box.

FS: Hello Ted, how are you enjoying June in Buffalo?

TB:  It’s been great, trying to find a house and waiting to bring up the family from Pittsburgh.

FS: The Locker room renovation is going full bore, so will it be done on time?

TB: On the Current schedule, yes, it will be ready.

FS: So you’re not using Union workers then?  (don’t shoot me just a joke)

TB: (Laughs) We hired the best people we could.

FS: Free agency and the Draft are right around the corner, so any rumors you can put out there to get the fans fired up?
TB: I stay out of the hockey operations, just the team operations. Darcy and his staff have everything under control. Not my place to be involved. Too much on my plate already.

FS: Ok, thought I try. At least you’re not a meddler light your predecessor, The LQ, I’m sure there are some stories about him at HSBC.

TB: Mr Quinn worked very hard for the success of the Sabres, and did a great job in running the operations.

FS: (rolls eyes) Come on Ted, just you and me here. Gimme a good story.

TB: Well, I heard he used to make Ales Kotalik take him to the airport and carry his bags, as part of that contract.


TB: He also made the team sit through his impression of this scene in Miracle.  It’s the real reason Drury left.

FS: Wow, that’s brutal, So, you’re having a blogger summit soon. Where’s my invite.

TB: Well based on content we picked the writers we deemed best suited.

FS: Its the Fracking title isn’t it?

TB: Well, no. You have like 5 posts. That’s not very productive.


TB: Doesn’t sound like you could make it anyway.

FS: (sniffles) No, but just the recognition would be nice. (excuses self)

TB: Oh Boy,  this was a mistake to agree to.

FS: Ok, I’m better now. So, there’s secret Gas well drilling at HSBC isn’t there?

TB: That’s it. I’m done.  I’m Ted Black and I don’t have to put up with this.  I’M IMPORTANT. I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS.

(Ted leaves)

FS: Well, I thank Ted for answering my Questions on this segment of Back in Black, I’m sure we’ll get his opinions after the Draft and Free Agency starts.

TB: (yelling across the room) NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

All of this has been totally made up.

Except for the Ales Kotalik bit.





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