Things found in the Locker Room Demolition.

Buffalo Reuse is all over this


Unlike most Buffalo Projects, this one got started on time, and hasn’t stopped because of a Lawsuit. Until Tim Tielman finds something historic in this 15 year old building.  But Fracking Sabres on the word, from a guy down the street who knows someone in the demolition crews Brother, has learned some interesting things were found while tearing things down.

  • A hardest working team in hockey hard hat
  • The 5 for 25 contract between Golisano and Chris Drury
  • Bucky Gleason’s Drury/Briere shrine
  • Harry Neale’s Whiskey Stache
  • Harry Neale’s Bourbon Stache
  • Jason Dawe
  • Rudy Pikuzinski’s mullet
  • 1999 Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup Champion Tshirt
  • For a good time Call Alena Hasek scribbled on bathroom wall
  • Ron Tugnutt’s Glove with a hole in the webbing.
  • Unused Buffalo Destroyers Tickets
  • My blog

I’m sure more interesting items will be found as more work goes on.  And hopefully my blog shakes off the dust. Because hockey is about to get interesting again soon.



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