Feasting on the Northeast

The Sabres have made their comeback from the depths of the Eastern Conference, by getting their points, where you should. Your Division.

Yes, the Leafs have won the last two, but it doesn’t erase the years of futility versus the Sabres.

But so far this year the Sabres have gone 14-7-1 against the Northeast. Which is similar to Montreal’s 13-5-2. But you could say the Sabres are still Northeast champs, they just struggle against everybody else

Vs Atlantic  5-9-3

vs Southeast 6-6-2

vs West 9-5-2  (best in division)

So really the West and Northeast they are getting their points. So who do they have left by divison?

Northeast   2  (Toronto, Montreal)

Atlantic  3  (New Jersey, NY Rangers, Philadelphia)

Southeast  6  (Carolina 2x Florida, Washington, Tampa Bay, Atlanta)

West   2 (Nashville Columbus)

The Sabres will have a Southeast battle down the stretch, with Teams battling for playoff positions and teams playing out the stretch. And with 8 of the last 13 games at home. They will have to shake off their poor home record and get with the game.

The longest road trip they have is a back to back in Washington then Carolina. Carolina by then could be out of it, especially if the Sabres beat the Canes on Tuesday. Putting them 6 points back with 12 to go. That’s a tough hill to climb.

Things look good for the Sabres, but if they end how they finish. It won’t look good for the boys in Blue and Gold. They pretty much have to play .500 hockey and they should get in. I hope they play .750 hockey and try for that 6th spot.
It all starts on Tuesday. Beat those Canes.

Win for Rick.

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