Mission Statement

As someone in business, a Mission Statement is the basis of any business. If you don’t have one, you lack vision, goals and an Identity. The Sabres are a Business. And they have gone from the “do what it takes to break even” mission, to the one above.
The very vague mission statement, one made from a absentee owner is gone. And have changed to a very specific goal from a hands on owner.  Is there a surprise the team is playing better? The employees got a new boss, who believes in them and wants them to win. The team got a new employee who was a big producer, but has gone stale in his environment. And now has shown immediate results.

6 games 3 goals   6 points.

Can you argue with bringing a point per game player? Imagine if Roy was still healthy?

There is no doubt more changes are coming in the offseason. They are laying the groundwork for attracting free agents July 1st. (I’m sure they’d love a long post season run, but they probably want to get going tearing out walls) I imagine trades during the draft. It sounded during the deadline, Darcy was getting his moves ready to go, come the start of the new year. It’s going to be different Sabre Fans.  I can’t wait for next year already. And this year is only getting better day by day.

We are witnessing a great change Sabre fans.  We have all imagine what we would do if we owned the Sabres. Well we have that guy. And is vision is clear. Win the cup.

The players know. Lets hope they can just produce the goal.


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