The Big Picture

People are a bit down after the loss to Carolina last night. You lose your focus when you just base opinion on the team,  if you go game by game.You have to look at the race at the moment in chunks of games. At the start of the night they were 2 points outta of 8th, and 3 points out of 7th. Guess what. At the end of the night they still are. The teams switched. Right now I’d rather be chasing the Rangers then the Canes. Getting points is the most important thing right now. If you’re gonna lose, lose in OT.

So lets pan out, and see things in a bigger light.

8th Place NY Rangers   70 points and 66 games

They gained 3 points on the Rangers in 2 games And have 3 games in hand and after tonight 4 games. The team is ravaged with injuries and slumping badly. I’m guessing the Sabres pass them by Sunday. (Doesn’t mean they will be in the playoffs)

7th Place  Carolina   71 Points   65 Games.

And after tonight they will have 3 games in hand, with 2 games left head to head. They aren’t that great a team, and probably due for a slump. Carolina can be caught. But its going down to the wire. I think.

6th Place  Montreal  77 points  65 Games

I don’t think they can get the Habs. Unless Montreal really swoons, and the Sabres Catch New Jersey fever, 6th place is too far away. But hey why not go for it, 6th place is a good place for the playoffs, because you probably get Tampa, and Tampa is not ready for the show.

I would mention the Leafs, but you can’t worry about those behind you.  But they are surging right now. So they are one of the teams fighting for the 2 spots in the playoffs.

If 91 points is the magical amount to make the playoffs. (On average)  The Sabres have 19 games left with 68 points. (does quick math) That’s 23 points.  If the Sabres want to get to the 91 point total, they will need to go 11-7-1 or 10-6-3. That’s not unrealistic. With the schedule they have, they can achieve that goal, and probably surpass it.

They are not done. They aren’t even close to being done. They looked done when Roy got hurt. But thanks to the lack of real good teams, the Sabres have climbed out of a hole and are in charge of their future.

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