Trade Ideas based on nothing.

I love the Trade Deadline, its fun, fast paced and always interesting. People always say its a waste of time, but that’s not true. We all love it, like we love the Draft. Who gets who?It’s like Christmas but in February and you actually don’t get anything.

The rumors leading up are always interesting, because usually the are based on nothing, but speculation and people making stuff up, to drive traffic. Eklund has made this a business model. Would love to see how much he rakes in every year, by just making stuff up

I can make stuff up too. But I will do it on rumors and articles I’ve seen on what other teams need and just pretend that the Sabres are the only team that can fill that need.

Yesterday I saw that Vancouver might be looking for a 4th line center. Mmm. Really?

Rob Niedermeyer anyone? Has cup experience, a center, A 4th LINE CENTER. And he’s a British Columbia Native. Seems like a perfect fit for me. Just send back a 6th round pick, or some Salmon, whatever. You can have him.

Hey its the trade deadline, so its time for the “Lanche to trade John Michael Liles. And since he’s friends with Ryan Miller, he’s gotta come to Buffalo right? Ugh. So if the Sabres were to go get John Michael Liles, what would they give up? I would say Sekera, and a 2nd round pick. You do the favor of removing Liles from the Avalanche Cap, and give them a puck moving defenseman, (sometimes who moves it to the other team) and could use a change of scenery.

Trading away a 2nd Round pick are you crazy?

Ahh, you see it is not our own, but it was acquired by Trading Tim Connolly to the Washington Capitals. (or whoever will take him for a 2nd round pick)

You may say Jon, we just traded 2 centers away. Is Paul Gaustad a 2nd line Center?

Well obviously not. Does that mean we’re trading for Brad Richards? NO! Of course not. That’s crazy. You trade for Paul Statsny. A 1st round pick, Luke Adam and TJ Brennan. I’m not trading Drew Schiestel. And obviously since he was on the Olympic team with Miller, they are obvious friends. Duh.

Are you over the cap with the trades you made?

I don’t know, I didn’t do the math, none of these things are going to happen anyway, so why bother.

What if they do?

Then I am obviously a genius, or Darcy Regier reads this blog and did what I suggested. And then we are all in huge trouble. Because I know absolutely nothing.

Will you be disappointed at the deadline?

No, I don’t expect anything, but the Rangers to ruin their future to trade for Brad Richards, who will sign in Tampa next year anyway.

Well the deadline is days away, but there are 2 games before then, so get your fill of Tim Connolly now, before he’s gone.

No, don’t cry Chippewa Bars, you’ll be okay.





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