Pittsburgh North

Well we knew about Ted Black, but we didn’t know about Ken Sawyer. But it is obvious that Terry Pegula is mining his Pennsylvania roots and getting guys tied to the resurgence of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The exciting thing about Ted Black is his Tv roots. He can hopefully improve the TV product, get the Sabres out of the MSG black hole. And the embarrassing Sabre HD channel. I think a Sabre specific channel is a bit of a stretch. I would love if a Empire Sports Network could make a comeback. The Time Warner Sports channel is nice. But your missing all the viewers of Fios, Directv and other satellite providers.

Maybe a Buffalo Hockey Channel. Show Sabres, Griffs, Purple Eagles, Niagara Ice Dogs, local High School hockey. We love hockey here. And of course the summer would be a problem with programming. Well its an idea and needs a ton of work.

These guys have no ties to the team, besides Terry Pegula being a fan of the team and Lindy Ruff. But if Darcy Regier stays status quo, he’s gone. And with no doubt a GM with Pittsburgh ties will be brought in. That guy? Jason Botterill. The Asst Gm of the Penguins. Who played for Lindy Ruff, in the pre lockout years. Imagine a former player being your GM. He might not be Ray Shero, but he sure is learning from him. And the Penguins are always one of the more active teams out there.

Darcy is safe for now. But he is definitely on notice. There are no financial restraints and you have resources to do what you want. Now go out there and get it done. If not, there are plenty of people to take your job. Hopefully for him the word is out and players maybe more interested in being a Sabre.

Otherwise, someone else is taking that 4 hour drive north from the Steel City.



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