1 day to Pegula, 1 week to the Deadine

This should be an eventful place the next week. You have the Pegula press conference tomorrow. 1 week till the trade deadline and 3 home games. I heard Vogl and Harrington just pitched tents in the box office area, instead of going back and forth all week.

Seriously, I think we have been waiting months to hear from Terry Pegula on his plan of action. I don’t know if its going to be everything we expect from Terry, but anything that says our plan is to win the Stanley Cup, will be cheered by the masses. After 3 straight losses, any positive news is good news.

There are so many questions to be asked. I doubt the Press conference could handle them all.

What is your plan with Regier/Ruff?

Are you going to spend to the Cap?

What improvements are planned for the Arena?

Will the Variable pricing stay?

Will you keep the Bandits?

We’ll just have to wait one more day for Pegula Day. And he’ll have 6 days to influence what the Sabres due to at the Deadline. If he wants Regier to sell or make a push. If he can release the Money in/Money out standards of the past, it could make Darcy a better dealer, like he was when Golisano took over. The trades he made before the Lockout were criminal.  He built that Presidents Trophy team through deals before the Lockout. And I have been waiting for that GM since.

As a Regier fan, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on his way out come the summer. Pegula just might want his own man, with a similar vision he has in running a team. And you know what, I can accept that for 189 million reasons.

The Trade Deadline is always a mystery for us Sabre Fans, because nothing ever leaks with Darcy. But does that change with Pegula and especially with is Twitter friendly daughters? In my opinion, there aren’t any players on the roster that are safe in my eyes. If you can get a good return for them. Why not?

As for Trade Ideas? I have no clue. I don’t know who’s available and I have no idea what the market it. What does a Connolly get you? Depends on the other team. The Thrashers may pay one thing, while the Kings another. Is what they offer good enough for you? There are so many variables to consider its pointless to speculate, in the end its just making stuff up.

We have all week to think about it and read the rumors. And I am one person who can wait.

Happy Pegula Eve everyone!


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