No need to panic

Mark Mulville buffalo news


The Sabres are 1-2-1 in their last 4 games. And I can see the fanbase already getting worried again.  Why? They were going to slump sometime in the final 30 games. Might as well be now. Plenty of time to recover and regain your bearings.

Yes this team is flawed. Yes, this team probably doesn’t have what it takes to win a Cup. Yes, they are streaky and lack passion from time to time. So what? I want them in the playoffs, because the playoffs are fun. They are too far ahead to get a good draft pick now. So go for the playoffs. Make some moves at the deadline that can make the team better, while also not hurting next year’s chances.

I have always been a Regier apologist. Now he has a owner who has the passion and the money to build a true winner. Not just a money maker. If Darcy does nothing great at the deadline or worries about contracts. (Which he will) Then he’s gone when the season is over with. No doubt about it. Then we’ll be in for a ride with the New GM putting his stamp on the team.

Some may criticize Darcy for letting the Market get set by others. Well the problem is we don’t know everything about the market. Kaberle probably didn’t want to come here. Lots of players don’t want to come play in Buffalo. Especially those with a No Trade clause. In the last player poll. The Sabres were ranked 3rd in markets players least wanted to play in. Only beating The Islanders and The Thrashers. But we can never know what the real market holds. Not every player holds the same commodity, like a can of Coke does. A Tim Connolly and a Craig Rivet, probably hold 30 different values. But a can of Coke usually costs the same no matter where you go. That is why I never question what the market rate is, because I have no idea what it really was.

So bottom line, no time to panic. Just because they lost a few and other teams made moves is no reason to worry. Just go with the flow and ride it out. Should be a fun last 2 months.

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