Digging out

Buffalonians know about digging out, especially with our winters. But the Sabres have been digging out since the Fall. The terrible start has put them where they are. A 500 start and they might be a 6th or 7th seed right now.Lets recap

October  3-7-2

November 6-6-1

December 6-5-1

January 8-3-1

February 4-3-1

A 12-6-2  stretch since the new year has gotten the Sabres within 2 points of 8th. Its a huge confidence boosting stretch that gets a team in a frame of mind to keep it going till the Playoffs. If the Sabres continue on this course they will make the playoffs. Whether its 6th, 7th or 8th, depends on the teams above them. Many of them struggling or just playing .500 hockey.

91 points is usually the magic mark. Which means the Sabres have to pick up 31 points in the final 26 games. That equates to a final stretch of 15-10-1. Compared to what they have been doing and up coming schedule, its totally not out of the question. It may not have to even come to that.

I know people say they aren’t a cup contender. Lets get to the playoffs before writing them off. The Playoffs are fun, even if its one and done. If they get Tampa, they can beat Tampa. Philly? Probably not. But it would fun. Boston or Montreal? They could beat them, maybe Montreal. Whatever. Lets win some games. Let Pegula set the standard for the future. Lets get a center in here who can score.

The Sabres can do this. And it will make the Spring fun.

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