Waiting for Pegula

This man will determine the future.

Well according to John Murphy at Channel 4, Mr Pegula is taking over on February 22nd. Which is in about 2 weeks. And these two weeks good be very important to the entire season.  Since they have 7 games on in the schedule. Tough match ups  against The Lightning, Canadiens and Capitals. But some serious winnable games as well, Blues, Panthers, Islanders and Leafs. If the Sabres have a swoon, their season is done. They continue their win every 2 of 3 games pattern. They could be tied or a couple points behind 8th place. With only 3 weeks till the deadline hits, could determine whether the Sabres buy or sell. Personally, I think they will sell no matter what, but if they are out, be real sellers.

Now its rumored that Darcy is out after the season, or even before. Which makes sense. I’m a Darcy apologist, but everybody needs a new start. Darcy will land on his feet. If Lindy is shipped out, he will probably get a raise and a better team. Even with Darcy knowing his fate, he will be professional and not try to crash and burn the team. (Though some may say he already has)

So as the Pegula era begins, the next two weeks are maybe the most important stretch in the season. It will determine what they do the following week. And is there any doubt Terry is at both games in Florida, he might be there with Tom. Hopefully not as awkward as that Terry and Larry shot.

All I know things will be different. And different is good, because things at HSBC Arena have gone stale. If there is a whole new approach, top on down, it will bring fans back and create a buzz. The buzz that was there is long gone.

No pressure Terry, but Sabre fans are expecting a lot.



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