You don’t have Larry Quinn to kick around anymore

Well one of the big items from yesterday’s pat on the back press conference, was that Larry Quinn is leaving the building. I’ve had some fun with The LQ over the years, but he has done some good for the franchise. First, finding a rich guy to buy them. Getting the Winter Classic going. And the Shovels. Can’t forget about the Shovels.

Now Sabre fans will have one less person to blame for them coming up short in the playoffs, or missing the playoffs. The Blame Larry Quinn Brigade, has lost their main target. They will just have to move to blame Darcy Regier. It’s never the players to blame, because obviously they have no say in the matter. They just go out there, its up to everyone else to motivate them to perform.

In fact The LQ is so tired of taking your crap, he’s stepping down from the ECHDC as well. If everything he wants can’t get done, then whats the point. It’s the LQ way or the Highway. So Bucky Gleason I got more money then you could ever dream about. Tim Tielman I’m going to buy historic properties, and Rip em down!

So Sabre fans we will have to blame someone else for being meddlesome and getting in the way of winning. Who will Terry Pegula bring in, to be his Larry Quinn.? To fill the position of most hated in Sabre Management. Because someone has to fill the role of irrational blame taker for the Sabres. The Players will never take it, so there has to be someone on staff.

See you later Sucksa!!!!



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