A Fresh Start

I have been blogging for several years, but over the past year, my interest has waned. Now with Terry Pegula taking over at HSBC Arena, my interest has been renewed. I like many Sabre fans feel like there is a new direction coming for our beloved Sabres. So I created a new Sabre only blog. The other blog was all Buffalo sports, but life gets in the way and people don’t care about reading about Canisius Basketball.

So, I don’t think they will become huge spenders, but I do feel they will spend that extra million or two, to keep core players or get that key free agent. Or to be active in the trade market to get that player. Something they haven’t done in several years, when they built their Presidents Trophy winner. There is a new vision here. A needed new vision. The Franchise needs a fresh start, a breath of fresh air. Things have gotten stale at the Arena. With the team and with the fan base.

Mr Golisano saved the franchise, and made the Sabres a viable team. He made his investment back and sold it to a hockey fan, a Sabre fan, who wants to win. His stock is low right now, but if this team wins a championship in the next few years. His stock will rise again, because History will look kind on him, in my opinion. First saving the franchise, then holding onto to it till he could sell it to someone who would care.Golisano was the owner to set things up, Pegula could be the owner to take them over the top.

I’m interested in the first move made post sale. A trade? Dealing with Lindy Ruff? Does Pegula bring in someone as an advisor? The staleness that Sabres have had over this year and past, I think is over. Things will be interesting for the rest of the year and the Summer.

Tom Golisano woke up the fanbase, woke me up. Now its time for Mr Pegula to bring back the hope we had several years ago.

No Pressure Terry, but you are on the clock.




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